No God Flow [feat. Jae​-​Mi]

by Julian Rhine

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No God Flow
By Julian Rhine

We will take what’s right
Out from the sky

Motherfucker I’m blessed
Crack my knuckles pucker up for this sucker and buckle up for the best
Say it with your chest
Literally illiterate if you read and really believe you’ll be a better man
The bible, torah, and koran
Oh man they believe it ain’t ok to be gay? I don’t really understand that
But they’re miles away, they’re on some dumb other planet
Let’s Go
Liars lie big: “Put your dollars in a black box!”
Holier than your dad’s socks
Outfoxed, give no back talk
You’re in a bad flock
Hearing that creep preach at you, keep your legs locked
Effigies of enemies in grand central station
Start a fire pyre burnin now we’re testing their patience
Eradicating the nation, taking the bacon, forsaken
Ungrateful for the deflation of raping ‘cuz we can blame it on satan
Got them shackles and chains for the masses brains
We need drastic action and the tactics of a radical
Maddened master of battle, I, I love the smell of it
Let’s go to heaven for the hell of it
Chorus (with added hook):
Fly high

They say I rap too quickly
So I will say this clearly:
Where do good folks go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly
They go to the ground until they’re rotten
And they feed the earth so they’ll never be forgotten
So don’t get caught up living in a dream world
It’s just a scam, god damn this is a mean world
I eat you pieces of shit like I’m Shooter McGavin bitch
They can murder and torture us but they can never take all of us
These rich men in poor men’s clothes
Making more off the poor man’s hopes
Contemplate your karma you’ll be gone tomorrow
The truth is hard to swallow but it don’t cost you your dollars
They’ll take it
Hey, all my angels shake it
Hey, all my angels shake it

I’m actually cool with the greed
And the get rich scheme
It’s the murder, persecution, and pollution of my dreams that gets to me
Try and lead me but I ain’t no sheep
You can bind me but I will break free
Won’t get to me

Alternate Chorus:
You know we never needed
Needed you to fly
You know we never needed
You to fly, fly high

Chorus with Hook and Alternate

Rappers ain’t hard if they fear god [x3]
Rappers ain’t hard ain’t hard ain’t hard


released May 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Julian Rhine Brooklyn, New York

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